Are you looking to sell your home here in the Lowcountry? Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Okatie and Beaufort, SC secrets to selling your home and properties!

Lets dive right in and find out what you need to know when going to sell your home!

#1 Pricing it right!!!

After all if you are looking to sell then you need to look over the stats and find out your market value! Look at the market value range provided by a professional Realtor and decide how quickly you want to sell by the price chosen in that range. If you want to be the next home sold in your neighborhood then you will need to price yourself competitive! If not you may find your home to sit on the market for months without any offers! Pricing at the bottom of the market range will put you in the hot sit and most likely give multiple bids thus increasing your value back to the higher price in the subsequent market range. It takes real courage to market like this, yet it is the absolute best strategy in selling a home!

#2 Light it UP

By maximizing the potential light in your home it will feel bright and inviting to potential buyers. Take window screens down and store them in a garage or attic, this quick no cost item will let more natural light inside. Take Lights bulbs and change them for higher wattage ones. Take down drapes or shades that inhibit light. Trim exterior landscape in front of windows to increase light and make sure to have every light inside on before leaving when you know your home is being shown!

#3 Increase Your Storage Space

Buyers today are looking for all the storage they get and simple fixes just may turn that moderately sized closet into an expansive useable space. Take out half or more depending who you are of your closet storage out! Place items that you are not using in a box and place in an attic thus increasing your closet space significantly! By keeping your closets clean and tidy you are ensuring buyers that your property has enough space for them and a quick easy secret to know!

#4 Not to Over Upgrade

Now I know if you already have upgraded significantly higher then the rest of the homes in your neighborhood you will need to step back and decide whether to price yourself back at #1 in order to sell your home. For those looking to upgrade that linoleum in the bath and the kitchen appliances. Pick neutral colors, products that are not the most expensive nor the least as simple changes may go a long way. Upgrading to Tiger wood because it is one of the most exclusive hardwoods available may not be the best fit for your home and will not have a great affect on pricing for you. Keep upgrades to a moderate standard and you will see a better return!

#5 Remove theHome out of Your House

Take down your wedding pictures, family portraits, symbols of religion and other forms of personal items. Buyers to not want to see the current owners or know of what type of people they are/were. This might be #5 on the list yet it is extremely important to de-personalized your home to get it ready to be shown to potential buyers along with Grandma’s sofa table and your great aunts lamps. Reduce the amount of furniture and items in your home can greatly effect the feel of the property when buyers walk through. Home staging is a big part of the selling process and if you are not looking to hire or stage your house, ask your agent for some advise and thoughts to help assist your home selling faster and for the highest price!

#6 We don’t Sell Houses, We Sell Kitchens!

Yes, your kitchen is the heart of any home and ensuring it is properly upgraded, laid out, organized and clean can make or break an offer! Paint the cabinets, replace outdated hardware, change the appliances and remove un-necessary items from the counters to increase space. Sellers must be aware that keeping a clean and tidy kitchen is one of the main focus they should have when the home is on the market.

#7 Pick the Right Agent!

Too many times we work with sellers who were on the market for over 6 months with no offers and poor communication from their agents. Not only that but finding the right Brokerage ignored to have your home marketed appropriately is extremely important. Ask, interview and discover what differences each will have. Chose wisely on the agent that provides you with the reality check instead of the highest price! Working with the wrong agent will leave you and your home on the market or expired!

If you are looking to sell your home in the Lowcountry, you owe it to yourself to discover and experience a true professional in the field of marketing and real estate. Contact Steven today for your free CMA and market evaluation!

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