How to Prevent Water Damage?

The number 1 culprit in home repairs is the one thing us humans need “water”. Water damage affects and effects many properties and their integrity. One small elusive leak could spell disaster years later if not properly asset in time. Simply paying attention during heavy rains and checking various plumbing throughout your home quarterly are simply ways to stay safe and stay proactive!

Damp woods can cause mold and invite nasty insects such as termites and even carpenter ants. While too can weaken your properties foundation and lead to issues and problems with your homes structural integrity. Water can and will make its way into almost anything, just look at natural occurrences on earth such as the Grand Canyon to get an idea of what something so pure can cause. Let’s not start a canyon on your property and be preventative.

Here are some Check Points to Look After:

-Clean out your Gutters

-Slope your yard away from the Foundation

-Direct downspouts 5-10′ away from the home

-Repair noticeable pipes that are dripping

-Inspect the roof for missing shingles

-Repair cracked and damaged caulking

-Inspect for dark spots on ceiling

-Inspect plumbing under sinks

With everything to do in today’s busy environment remember to take some time to ensure your properties integrity isn’t damaged by water with these simple preventative steps. Keep your home dry and maintained for years to come!

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