Making a decision whether or not to buy a property in Bluffton, South Carolina? In order to make the right decision for you, you will have to start considering the pros and cons Bluffton living has to offer compared to its neighboring Lowcountry communities!

After all real estate in general fluctuates throughout the country and here in the Lowcountry we have seen our fair share of ups and downs. Considering all factors of market conditions though highly regarded, we first must have to decide why Bluffton when so many other great communities, towns and cities are right next door? In a not so distant past Bluffton was considered a generally small area consisting of Old Town, a few neighborhoods and some local shoppes. Today we find a much larger community from the past enclosing on now small towns of Okatie and parts of Jasper county referred to as “The Greater Bluffton Area”. Thats said let us get back to the big question. Is now “The Greater Bluffton Area” right for you?

Are you searching the real estate market for your family? Possibly looking for a secondary residence or investment opportunity?Investment opportunities despite the up and down nature of any market over the long haul, may have Bluffton properties in the area right up your alley! Opportunities are abundant as the area’s reputation and structuring continue to accelerate and grow. As development continues land becomes more scarce and values begin to increase as a result of supply and demand. Hilton Head Island has seen it’s fair share of supply and demand as well as other neighboring communities. These properties soon will be hard to find as so many flock to the area choosing to vacation and make it their primary residence.

Hitting stands lately as well are local events in national publishings further gaining momentum in curiosity of the area. Best places, best location to retire, top growth on east-coast are just a few of the headlines out from national magazines and news columns. Though the Lowcountry needs no marketing in the natural beauty, or the southern hospitality arena. Bluffton is home to many retirees, young families and people of all ages calling Bluffton South Carolina “home”. With the warm climate, quick beach access and multiple historic cities so close such as Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC many of our residents say “Bluffton is the center of the SC Lowcountry”.

Restaurants, events, and a vast amount of medical centers and health care options to keep you healthy and active, residents enjoy the amenities Bluffton offers. How many oysters roasts have you been to this year? Hmm maybe 8 this last month! Though many will look to the warm climate and mosquitos as the only cons we offer, insects travel throughout the U.S. and warmth when out close to the water feeling that Bluffton breeze is close to an exotic trip to the Caribbean! Bluffton might just have everything on your wish list, you just need to come out and visit!

I hope you will contact Steven for more information regarding “The Greater Bluffton Area” so he may provide you with the local flavor that this magnificent area provides! Those considering a move to Bluffton, South Carolina will not regret it in a lifetime!

Please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone at 843-295-7533, text or email me with any questions you may have about Bluffton living or might like to take a look at some properties in our area.

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