Bluffton Real Estate

As the second quarter starts to come to an end our market has never seemed stronger. Bluffton, SC is becoming a dominant force here in the Lowcountry in sense of location being a coastal, large tourism sector, hospitality abundance and over-all natural beauty. With the large influx of retirees and pre-retirement upon others, these buyers are flocking to what is looked at as a top destination here in North America. The Hilton Head Island, Beaufort and Bluffton Corridor with Savannah, GA right next door is offering up the chance to relax at a much slower pace which is exactly what these buyers are searching for!

Currently real estate here in the Bluffton area is seeing single family homes increasing by 1.8 percent to a $285,000 median. New listing were down 11.6 percent region wide and market-wide, inventory levels were down by 8.9 percent where the single family homes had lost the most inventory decreased by 7.7 percent. Accounting for a 7.6 month supply down from previous readings up towards 9 months. The Hilton Head region is continuing to show promising statistics with Bluffton, SC leading the charge! The information at hand is showing demand is increasing relative to supply!

If your in the market, “your timing is perfect” here in Bluffton, SC. Buyers are lining up 3 deep to place their offers with no stoping as rental prices are skyrocketing. Many are re-evaluating their position on signing another 12-month lease and have begone to come out in the market. You better have your finances ready and handy as the real estate market in Bluffton is fast paced.

Whether your searching for a family of five or your luxury dream property on a tidal creek over-looking the salt-marsh. Bluffton, SC caters to the masses. Real Estate can be found in a form of new construction from custom builders to historic homes with a century of character. Many communities here offer what other parts of the country can only dream of. You need a knowledgable asset capable of showing you around Bluffton and showcasing its majesty. Contact Steven now for your customized list of properties today!

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